About Us - The World Assemblies of Restoration

Who Are We?

We are a Pentecostal Reformation of the Apostolic Faith.

Our Mission:

"Molding Believers, Influencing the World"

The mission of World Assemblies of Restoration is to support our Local, Diocese, National, and International assemblies in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. 


The vision of World Assemblies of Restoration is advancing the Kingdom of God by becoming the B.E.S.T. through:

* Building Covenant Relationships

* Establishing New Churches

* Strengthening Existing Churches

* Supporting, Empowering, and Equipping Leaders to be Effective

* Training Churches to Embrace Innovative Ways of Executing Ministry 

Our Values

Believing in God’s Word and Spirit

  • Holy living, as exemplified by a lifestyle that is lived in conformity to standards of holiness based on the bible and the moral guidelines of the organization.

  • Strengthening the family, as exemplified by honoring the scriptures in promoting family as being first before ministry and by offering programs and activities that support the whole family.

  • Training and development of people, as exemplified by our focus on offering classes, programs and opportunities for people to develop their skills and increase their efficiency in every area of their lives.

  • Excellence, as exemplified in the culture of our churches and in the way in which we treat and respect all people, along with the way in which we are committed to demanding excellence on every level of functioning.

  • Compassionate towards others, as exemplified in our basic love for mankind and demonstrated in our commitment to engage in missions on both a local and international level.

  • Addressing the spiritual and social needs of humanity, as exemplified in our efforts to help meet the needs of humanity through our giving of our resources and through our servitude.

  • Fellowship of the believers, as exemplified in the mutual sharing with one another in prayer, in worship, and in the celebration of all during times of being together as a body of believers.

  • Economic development, as exemplified by our empowerment of people to facilitate change, by our investment of our financial resources to demonstrate change, and by our giving of our tithe, time and talents to participate in change.